Short Story

Trust me, there is
a much longer version

I've been in the online media industry for 16 years (IGN Entertainment, Fox Interactive Media, MySpace, Glam Media, Wikia Inc) starting in production, then advertising operations and most recently business systems and business intelligence. About a year and a half ago, I decided it was time for a big change, but I didn't really have any idea where to begin. I ended up hiring a career coach - and it was life-changing!

Before coaching, I thought I would need three versions of my resume depending on the skills and experience I wanted to highlight. Very quickly, though, my coach helped me realize that I wasn't actually looking to try to fit myself into a job description - what I really needed to do was to define my brand and the unique value that only I could bring to the right company.

After only a few sessions, I realized that I was comfortable turning away interviews which did not fit my brand or what I wanted from my next challenge. I met all questions with a confidence about where I had been, where I was at that moment and where I wanted to go - and what a difference that made to the conversations I was having!

Fast forward a bit and I decided to start my own consulting and coaching business with a mission to match my passion about my experience; to help others in the industry discover their unique value and to help them create plans to reach their goals and dreams.

So, let's talk and find out how I can help you achieve new heights.

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